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Upon Provisional Acceptance

After provisional acceptance, the corresponding author of the accepted manuscript will be notified about the acceptance. The corresponding author is given 2 weeks of time for the completion of the payment. Upon receiving the payment, English language editing and plagiarism checking are done. Then, the manuscript is formatted to make a galley proof. The galley proof is sent as a PDF file to the corresponding author, and 5 days are given for the necessary corrections by the authors. Once the corrections are effected in the galley, the article is sent to the Editor-in-Chief for final quality control (QC) step. Once the QC is completed, a DOI is assigned. Then the article is published as ONLINE FIRST version.

N.B. If the corresponding author fails to complete the payment process within 3 weeks, the article will be deleted from the journal system. It is done to keep the length of publication time minimum.

After the publication of the ONLINE FIRST version, minor corrections (careless mistakes) noticed by the author can be corrected within 3 days. However, the title, author list and their affiliations are not changed any more. Then this version is considered as complete and final, the final version is included in the upcoming issue with volume and page numbers.

Please note that the authors are responsible for all statements made in their work, including changes made.

Last updated on 26 November 2019

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