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Issues of BDvet iNewsletter

Volume 1 Issue 1 (First Issue; October 2010) (Click Here)

Editorial Board
Volume 1 Issue 2 (April 2011)

Advisory Board
- Rabies: a neglected disease in Bangladesh - Dr. Sheikh A. Selim [Detail]

Reviewer's Panel
- One world one health one medicine one love  -  Prof. Dr. M. Siddiqur Rahman  [Detail]

Author's Guide
- Prof. Dr. A.S. Mahfuzul Bari, ..... and our expectations -  Ferdaus M.A. Hossain  [Detail]

- Web of Science: What it offers. Why it matters to you - M. Masudur Rahman [Detail]

- Why Veterinary Pathology is cool ! - M. Golbar Hossain [Detail]

- VIV Asia 2011: an international livestock trade show - M. Mohituzzaman [Detail]

- Let us save the Royal Bengal Tiger: a national pride of Bangladesh - M. Shamim Ahasan [Detail]

- Dr. Bhajan C. Das has been honored with two Gold Medals in India - M. Nabiul Islam [Detail]

- Clinical Training at TANUVAS: what I learned and experienced - M. Murshidul Ahsan [Detail]

- First convocation at Patuakhali Science and Technology University - A.K.M. Mostafa Anower [Detail]

- Mini-hatchery: a lost cost hatching technology - Jayedul Hassan [Detail]

- "World Veterinary Day 2011" celebration in Bangladesh - S. Das & M.T. Hussan [Detail]

- Mixed News [Detail]

Volume 2 Issue 1 (October 2011)

Progressive control of FMD in Bangladesh - Prof. Dr. M. Mostafizur Rahman [Detail] [Author]

Rabies: diagnotic challenges.... alternate candidate - M. Golbar Hossain [Detail] [Author]

Sequential steps in writing.....scientific manuscripts - Dr. M. Masudur Rahman [Detail] [Author]

Role of veterinarians in public perspective - M. Asadur Rahman [Detail] [Author]

Congratulation to Prof. Akhtar and Prof. Bari......UGC member - Newsletter desk [Detail]

Workshop on avian CVASU... Dr. M. Lutfur Rahman [Detail] [Author]

Obituaries - Babul Chandra Roy [Detail] [Author]

BVA Election... our expectation -Newsletter desk [Detail]

The 18th BSVER ASCon - Newsletter desk [Detail]

Professr Dr. M. Alimul Islam: a distinguished veterinarian - Newsletter desk [Detail]

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