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Message from the Managing Editor

Dear Veterinarians,


The main aim of the Network for the Veterinarians of Bangladesh (BDvetNET) and the BDvet iNewsletter is to disseminate the advances, achievements, innovation, news and proposals arising from our veterinary professional and academic community. It is my pleasure that from the second issue, the Newsletter started with the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN 2221-9897). With this occasion, the website has been updated and revised in order to offer a more attractive shape. I hope to continue it's emphasis on animal health care while also looking at issues on global health and veterinary medical innovation more and more.

I do appreciate the participation and contribution of all the authors to focus their articles and stories in
BDvet iNewsletter. My cordial thanks and gratitude to the Managing Editor along with the respectable Advisory Board Members and the Editors for their endless passion to bloom electronic-based BDvetNET and the Newsletter. I wish the BDvetNET as the bridge between the academic and professional as well as the livestock policy making community of Bangladesh in the future for the mankind.

Thank you.

Dear all,

Greetings for you.

It is my honor to introduce the “Network for the Veterinarians of Bangladesh (BDvetNET)” and it's official online publication, BDvet iNewsletter (ISSN 2221-9897) with an updated shape.

I deeply believe that the BDvetNET and the Newsletter would contribute to the greater interests of Bangladeshi Veterinarians (BDvets). Enhancing the flow of veterinary information to all BDvets and related personnel is one of the central focuses, which might have great impacts for the concurrent improvement of veterinary education, research and profession as a whole in Bangladesh. 

The Newsletter would express your mind, believe, hope or the future relating to veterinary profession in Bangladesh. 

I would like to acknowledge the helps, cooperations and encouragements that I got from different corners. The suggestions and comments are cordially welcome, which would be appreciated, accordingly. 

"Let us enjoy the Network and the Newsletter deserving the excellence of BDvets at home and abroad".


M Hasanuzzaman Talukder DVM, MS, PhD

KHM Nazmul Hussain Nazir DVM, MS, PhD
Managing Editor

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